Updating humax software you date Nordfyns

I had a lot of problems in trying to use the Humax updating software with a Prolific PL-2303 USB to RS232 converter.

All the recommended programs failed to set the serial port successfully although the converter was recognised by Ubuntu and would operate correctly with other serial port programs.

The automatic software update introduces the following enhancements and new features: If your box displays different software versions, this is probably because it is a phased roll out and your box may not have received the update yet.

For more information BT customers should visit com/help/You View, while Talk Talk customers can keep an eye on help2.uk for news on when the update will be available for their set-top boxes.

NB To download software via a PC you do not need to have your product connected to a TV or the aerial. Connect a RS-232c (Crossover, not straight wired) Null Modem/Serial cable (9 Pin Female to 9 Pin Female) between the COM port of your PC and the RS-232 connection on your receiver.

Enter /home/user/.wine/drive_c/users/Public/Start Menu/Programs/WDN40AK directory and make WDN4file executable, execute with wine.

There's also a new miniguide you can invoke while you're watching something that gives you easy access to other channels, your recordings, streaming apps and settings.

Today, it's the turn of contract-free retail You View boxes, starting with the Humax T2000 -- the T1000 and T1010 models will receive it in due course.

Humax previously released the software through its website, though few users have the serial port-equipped PC and null-modem cable required to transfer it to the set-top box.

Humax issued the firmware as an over-the-air update earlier this month, but many owners missed it.

The Humax website is confusing with the 9300T download instructions, but the above is from 9200 model which is clearer.

The humax will not upgrade from standby it must be powered on precisely as above.

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